Castrol Labcheck
, a state-of-the-art used oil analysis program, helps you manage your fleet more effectively and efficiently. Through ongoing analysis of used oil samples, Castrol Labcheck allows you to pinpoint and solve equipment problems by providing a full range of information that can support your operations and maintenance decisions.
  • Reduces unscheduled downtime of equipment.

  • Identifies fleet operating trends.

  • Eliminates oil drain interval guesswork.

  • Increases the trade-in value of your equipment.

  • Improves the overall condition and safety of your operation.

  • Millennium compliant.

Tackle Your Most Difficult Repairs First

Castrol Labcheck helps you define the most critical problems and prioritize accordingly. Following each oil analysis, Castrol Labcheck Plus results are sorted by severity to help identify the most significant problems. Within seconds, problem units can be located through an expanded Make/Model overview option and repair plans can begin. Castrol Labcheck Plus helps track fleet trends -- important information when making purchasing, selling and rebuilding decisions. Castrol Labcheck Plus pinpoints conditions that could be causing accelerated wear rates, determines which makes and models are best suited for certain operating conditions and helps you decide the optimum time to replace equipment.

Eliminate Drain Interval Guesswork

Castrol Labcheck Plus allows for true wear trending. As the length of time between drains typically varies, fluctuations in results are inevitable. Castrol Labcheck Plus can standardize wear levels into a "wear per hour" or a "wear per mile" format and allows you to calculate wear rates for every element and every drain in a given unit or system. Accelerated wear due to over-extending drains will be noticed immediately, as will the potential for safely extending drains even further, based on low wear trends from previous history.

A Complete Regimen Of Vigorous Tests

Standard Castrol Labcheck Tests

    • Viscosity
    • Glycol (coolant)
    • Water
    • Soot
    • Wear Metals
    • Fuel
    • Neutralization Number

Optional Castrol Labcheck Tests

    • Ferrography
    • Oxidation/Nitration
    • Particle Counting

Download Your Castrol Labcheck Plus Results In Seconds

Castrol Labcheck Plus results are accessible immediately and can be downloaded by modem to your IBM-compatible PC 24 hours a day. The information is transmitted in seconds -- you are not left waiting for a mailed report.

Immediate Attention For Emergency Conditions

For emergency conditions that merit immediate attention, Castrol Heavy Duty contacts you by Fax Alert or by calling you directly. Castrol Labcheck Plus puts the entire history of your fleet at your fingertips.


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