Modern freight transportation is impossible without dispatching services. It connects cargo owners and drivers. The dispatcher actually manages transportation. Is their key organizer. He makes sure that loads are delivered quickly and safely. More details about dispatcher services further in the article.

What are the duties of a dispatcher

The dispatcher is a multi-functional employee. Let’s outline his main responsibilities:

1. Searching for cargo for trucking. Looking for profitable cargo, which will give a high income for both the driver and him. Arranges for additional loading so that the driver does not drive empty.

2. Finds a vehicle to transport the cargo. Selects a vehicle that fits the weight and dimensions under the characteristics of the cargo.

3. Forming a route for cargo transportation. Designs a route taking into account road conditions, repairs, height of bridges, carrying capacity.

4. Drawing up documentation that is needed for cargo transportation. Manager makes a contract, where all duties and responsibilities of the parties are written.

5. Monitoring and tracking of cargo. Manager tracks all stages of the movement of cargo from point A to point B. If there are any difficulties — find a quick solution.

How many managers does the company need?

It all depends on the volume of work. If a company has a large number of trucks, large volumes of cargo, then the staff needs a large dispatcher. In this case one employee will not do. Also you need to consider the experience and qualifications of the dispatcher. And how many trucks he will be able to supervise at the same time.

Is it possible to work without a dispatcher?

The driver can take on the role of manager. However, instead of controlling the transportation, the driver will have to deal with organizational issues. Not knowing all the nuances, the driver can make mistakes. For example, mixing up with loading or unloading of goods. This can affect the speed of transportation of goods. Therefore, a dispatcher is indispensable for cargo transportation.

Manager’s services for private drivers

The dispatcher can work not only in a trucking company. He can also work directly with the driver himself, who owns the truck. Thus, the dispatcher can work remotely, supervise several vehicles and earn a steady income.

A good dispatcher must have established contacts with carriers and with brokers. It is necessary to be communicative, polite, and emotionally stable. It is important to be able to quickly solve several tasks at once. Be on the phone as much as possible to answer all questions from the driver or broker.

Dispatching services are important for quality trucking. Dispatchers allow you to coordinate the transportation of cargo. Every company needs to have a team of experienced and qualified dispatchers on staff.