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    No double brokerage

    We fully understand the pain of brokers from double brokering, and for this important reason we strictly work on behalf of a specific carrier as independent dispatchers. We only reserve loads for drivers to whom we have provided all the paperwork.

    Guaranteed Updates

    In our opinion, the second most difficult problem in the broker-carrier relationship is getting honest freight information in a timely manner. Our office works 24/7 to provide honest, often overlooked updates to carriers.



    We serve multiple companies and owner-operators, but each of our dispatchers is assigned to a specific customer. We take transparency seriously and ensure that the freight you order is carried by the same carrier.

    A win-win solution

    By reducing the carrier’s overhead costs, the carrier will be able to price freight more flexibly, resulting in a win-win for you, without any loss in the carrier’s performance. In the end, both parties who take part in the shipment are happy.

    Pool of Drivers

    We lead the way in dispatch services and pride ourselves on the reliable work of our 300+ drivers. We always have drivers ready to help when a shipment needs to be resubmitted, but only after your approval.


    Other Guarantees

    We work hard to make sure the job is worry-free and on time, and we take responsibility for our actions. Failures do happen, but we guarantee no stories, no games, just clear, honest, timely and detailed responses.

    Freight Brokers
    About Us

    When booking a shipment with a broker, we solely serve the interests of the carrier we mention in our conversation, and all paperwork is handled as an administrative task on behalf of the carrier. Our dispatchers work with specific carriers. We do not give the cargo to one carrier instead of another, and the agreed upon payments for the cargo are not made through our operations, but are paid directly to the carrier we represent, so we are simply service providers for the carriers. We don’t consider ourselves brokers, but we have the best work ethic for brokers regarding ongoing business relationships. We work hard to maintain professionalism in this industry and help drivers stay safe. 

    Many shippers do not have the experience or the time to find a quality carrier (freight forwarder). Meanwhile, the cargo to be transported is usually valuable and may contain fragile elements, or the transportation process is limited by tight deadlines. Then they need to rely on the best solutions of a freight broker and the best freight forwarder. A freight broker helps shippers find qualified carriers.


    In the freight forwarding industry, brokers are responsible for arranging transactions between shippers and carriers at all stages of delivery.

    At the same time, freight brokers make it easier to find quality carriers who have already proven their reliability. Most carriers will deliver goods on time, but there are risks that are difficult to assess with certainty.

    Freight brokers help carriers earn more by offering freight for transportation. However, a freight broker’s duties are not limited to ensuring familiarity between carriers and shippers. He must communicate with and represent the interests of both parties, as well as track freight and certify its departure and delivery.


    To find the best deals, brokers analyze service providers advertising on specialized freight broker websites. This helps rule out unreliable freight forwarders and find responsible ones. As a fact, 66% of all transports are road transports. Of the many ways carriers, shippers and brokers ensure freight safety and quality, message boards are the most underrated. There are hundreds of Load Boards on the Internet, some of which are free, but most of which require a monthly subscription. Brokers analyze the most common and proven sites. On Load Boards, brokers and forwarders compare available freight with transport capacity and, just like on a bulletin board, book operations that match the specified parameters and transport capacity.

    Brokers play a crucial role in the shipping industry as the missing link between shippers and carriers. In addition to acting as intermediaries, brokers have an important cargo tracking function as they keep careful records of shipments and shipments and other accompanying information. Brokers also oversee the legal aspect of shipping with industry experts and consultants.


    Freight brokers and freight forwarders and logistics freight brokers and providers (3PL), are different, although they have something in common. An individual broker may be the only point of contact for their transactions. The broker is responsible for selling, negotiating with the carrier, and making sure that the cargo arrives on time and follows the route. In addition, a freight broker will provide the necessary supply chain advice to help shippers optimize product delivery.

    A freight broker makes money transporting goods at a price less than his client is willing to pay. This difference provides a profit to the broker. Freight brokers wishing to transport cargo need to find a road carrier. One of the proven ways is message boards. Using specialized bulletin boards, freight brokers can quickly find qualified carriers interested in shipping cargo by posting cargo and technical details on the bulletin board and contacting the trucking carrier. Time is money, meaning the more cargo a freight broker can provide, the more they can earn.

    Freight brokers help reduce the liability of carriers and shippers. Despite the ups and downs of the industry, there is one thing that shippers and carriers need to be sure of: the quality of service and reliability of their shipping partners. Some unscrupulous brokers withhold drivers’ payments for several months while covering other costs. As already mentioned, hiring a quality broker is one way to ensure that only quality carriers will deal with the cargo.


    • Controlling the entire process of delivering goods (for example, from warehouse to store);
    • Communication between customer and service provider;
    • Coordination of tariffs and contracts between the carrier and enterprises;


    It is important to find freight broker agents you can trust. As with Load Boards, there are many transport freight agents or third-party logistics providers. Be careful when choosing a freight agent: some of them who position themselves as “illustrious telemarketing sellers” have no experience and knowledge of trucking, and nevertheless, try their luck in the industry. However, reputable freight agents are also looking for reliable shippers and carriers interested in trouble-free cooperation.

    Logistics and transport is an unstable industry. Finding a good logistics freight broker who can provide quality one-time service, or maintain that quality on a regular basis, requires a lot of work. And the easiest way to find a decent carrier is through a broker.

    Brokers have contacts of verified carriers for shippers. Although the conditions for verification vary from one participant to another, it is usually required that the broker has proven positive experience of cooperation and has no complaints about the transactions that have already taken place.


    Q: Who is a freight broker?

    A: A freight broker is a freight brokerage company that acts as a link between shipping businesses and shippers.

    Q: What does a freight broker do?

    A: The broker not only finds reliable service providers but also guarantees the quality of transportation, including route planning, and the distribution of types of goods and deliveries between carriers.

    Q: Who is a freight agent?

    A: Freight agents, like brokers, act as a link between shippers and companies, helping the shipper find the best service provider. Unlike a broker, an agent may not accompany the execution of a service, but only need to find a reliable carrier.

    Q: What kind of insurance does the freight broker provide?

    A: Freight broker may provide insurance for cargo transportation operations, and each broker individually determines it based on the number of freight commissions and other cost factors for such services.




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