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Owner Operators

Finding high-paying freight is our main specialty, all you have to do is focus on driving. Entrust us with all the phone calls, negotiating with brokers for the best rates, sending out emails about shipments, filling out boring paperwork, developing regular routes, handling all the issues and most importantly, saving your money with our low commission, no-contract package plans.

Dispatch Service

Trucking Companies

Our qualified dispatchers can also be a streamlined addition to your existing team, with a whole host of responsibilities, but only at a lower fee. In addition, we can easily solve your problems with filling after-hours or overnight shifts, ensuring a professional experience and customer satisfaction. Our dispatchers are certified industry experts. 

Dispatch Service

Brokers and Customers

We are a leading trucking dispatch service, and our 25+ years of experience in the trucking industry is our strong advantage. While our 300+ drivers work to transport your valuable freight on time, we are here 24/7 to keep you informed on a regular basis. Every one of our dispatchers will always provide honest updates 3 times a day, no lies. 


We don’t hide our achievements and are proud of them

300 +

Our number of drivers is increasing daily, making us the number one source for dispatch.

50 +

We select only the best candidates, and after training and exams, they become certified.

7 +

Founded in 2012 for small businesses today we are a leader in dispatch services in the U.S. market.


It’s all about trust and transparency

To give you complete confidence, we are a fully registered company based in the United States, and when you partner with us, we will provide a complete package of documents along with a W-9. What’s more, we have a real physical location in the Chicago area, so you can come see us anytime. But the greatest convenience for you is our easy Zelle payment transfers to Chase bank with no fees for you and with a bank you trust. These are our main competitive advantages over many other shady companies using international transfers, Western Unions, no W-9 and even no physical presence in the US. Think about it!

Dispatch Service

We offer a FREE ONE-WEEK TRIAL of truck accounting services to make sure we’re the perfect fit for your trucking business.


We are experts in trucking service


Remote truck dispatch services are gaining popularity due to the fact that it’s an inexpensive way to get qualified dispatchers working exclusively for you.


Maintaining a full-time office with your own dispatchers will cost you thousands of dollars. With our company, you can have an inexpensive office with qualified dispatchers.


It’s hard to find capable dispatchers, but even harder to train them properly. We take all the stress out of hiring, training and managing for you.


Labor Department litigation or violations are costly, especially misclassification of W-2 employees or failure to pay overtime. Our services will keep you compliant. 


Put them in motion

Dry Vans 53′

Dry Vans 53′

ABOUT DRY VAN TRAILER A 53′ dry van is a fully enclosed type of semi-trailer that protects cargo from the elements. Designed to transport palletized,

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Dry Vans 53′

Refrigerated trucks 53′

ABOUT REFRIGERATED (REEFER) TRAILER A 53′ refrigerator is a semi-trailer refrigerator model that attaches to a semi-truck to transport perishable foods and other goods that

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Dry Vans 53′

53′ Flatbeds

ABOUT FLAT BED or STEP DECK TRAILER A flatbed trailer is a trailer with a flat cargo platform, and most can be loaded on top,

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Dry Vans 53′

Car Haulers

What Does a Car Hauler Do? A car hauler is a profession in the trucking industry that involves transporting automobiles. It is the carrier’s job

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Dry Vans 53′

Hot Shot

ABOUT HOT SHOTS If a construction company needs equipment to be delivered to the site so that the project is completed on time, it can

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Dry Vans 53′

Power Only

ABOUT POWER ONLY Power Only is an option where the carrier provides only a driver and a tractor (power unit) to transport cargo without a

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Our principle is simple… Our dispatchers will work for you on your terms!

Dispatch Service
Dispatch Service

We assist small and medium-sized businesses with finding loads for their trucks, dispatching drivers and assisting with day-to-day operations. 

Dispatch Service

With our remote dispatchers, you can save 50%-87% on office, training, management and maintenance costs for «full-time» employees. We give you a competitive advantage! 

Dispatch Service

Most of our dispatchers have master’s degrees from renowned universities. We also train and certify them with our top industry experts when they are hired.

Dispatch Service

You will have a dispatcher assigned to you to oversee your dispatchers daily work and answer your questions at all times.


Driving a truck or running a fleet is not easy work. You don’t have the opportunity to waste a minute. Instead of spending hours every day or week on paperwork, administrative tasks, negotiations and freight searches, you can count on Castrolhdl to take care of all that work. Our dispatch services for trucking companies, owner-operators and freight brokers will save you time, reduce your costs and help increase productivity and profitability.


We set and adhere to strict standards for ourselves, and this is evidenced by the quality of services provided to our clients. Our task is to establish strong relationships with our clients, and we achieve this without any contractual requirements. People work with us because they want to, which demonstrates our commitment to customer care. We support our employees to support you. All employees are properly assisted, trained and educated to provide excellent service. With the right attitude toward our team, we maintain loyalty and retain experienced employees.


Our company provides exclusive truck dispatchers, which gives you additional savings in relation to the costs you incur when working with full-time dispatchers. We, in turn, help drivers find the most profitable loads for their trucks. By negotiating on behalf of the carrier and providing you with the most suitable options, we make it easy for you to choose your cargo. You set your terms with us, such as when you need to be free and where you want to go, and we pick the best routes for you. For trucking brokers, we help you find the right drivers, so you get more freight with the least amount of downtime. We lead the industry among dispatch companies because we give you all the tools you need to make sure your trucks are loaded and always on the road.


We provide services to owner-operators, trucking companies and transportation brokers. Our clients include individuals, small businesses and fast-growing companies.


Trucking operators love working with us. With us you will have a single point of interaction through a dedicated dispatcher. Your dispatcher is well versed in logistics and transportation and is always looking out for your interests. You provide us with information about the days and times you want to work at, as well as the distance you want to travel. Your dispatcher will constantly monitor your routes and schedule to provide you with the support you need. Your loading options will be customized and we will negotiate the best rates on your behalf.


Freight companies trust us with logistics issues. We are well aware of the difficulty of this enterprise and provide you with a unique service — concentration on cargo delivery, not on the solution of organizational issues. Our services give you a major competitive advantage that contributes to your growth and profitability. We assign a dedicated dispatcher to you. By establishing a rapport, we are able to meet your needs and get to know your shipping company in great detail.


As a freight broker, you strive to work with the best dispatch companies. Our experience in the transportation industry spans more than 25 years. We have over 300 drivers on our roster, ensuring that your high-value shipments are shipped on time and in impeccable condition. Our employees are available 24/7 and we provide you with information on the coordinates, status and ETA of your shipment at least three times a day.


At Castrohdl, we establish a relationship between our company and our customers based on mutual benefit. Our main goal is your success. We contribute to the expansion of your business and at the same time save money. Advantages that set us apart from other dispatch companies: — Over 25 years of experience — Organization of all types of freight and truck shipments — Qualified professionals — Continuous improvement and development — Honest and ethical business practices — Clear payment structure — Multi-stage dispatch system.


With our dispatch services, getting started is easy and straightforward. Working with us is an easy and fast process. Before you know it, you’ll be among the best trucking dispatch companies in the United States. To get started with us, follow a series of steps: — Pick a service plan. We’ll give you all the nuances so you can make an informed decision and find the best plan for your needs. — Sign our agreement. This agreement outlines your basic rights and responsibilities when you work with us. — Exchange of information. You will tell us about your activities, and we will assign you a personal manager and provide access to our freight database. — Accepting shipments. We’ll negotiate on behalf of your company as soon as your profile is complete. We’ll enter rates, shipments, and required data into your online account for review. — Close the loop. We bill only those orders you accept. You will be billed one week after the job is completed.


As your business grows, the amount of time it takes to process paperwork, arrange shipments, and coordinate routes increases. Keeping someone on staff for these purposes is expensive, and you won’t have a back-up employee if they suddenly fall ill or quit. Choosing an independent employee to perform dispatch functions means that you will not be able to find someone with the necessary experience or good business skills. When you choose us, you get the benefits of: — Experienced negotiators — 24/7 dispatchers — Funds for development — Experienced and highly trained dispatchers — Quick fixes to problems — Clear and concise communication At Castrolhdl, we will be there for all your administrative service needs. Whether you are an independent owner/operator, trucking broker, or transportation company manager, we can help you. Our goal is to make the logistics process easier for you to pay more attention to your work and to the implementation of your tasks. Leave all the administrative, paperwork and coordination work to us. To learn more about our dispatch logistics company, call us at +1(619) 880-8560 or send us an email at contact@dispatcher?.com. You can also fill out our online contact form here to request details, and one of our account managers will get back to you as soon as possible. Make the most of your time and earning potential and start working with us today.

It’s not how much money you make that matters. It’s how much money you save that matters.

Robert T. Kiyosaki

Today's transportation market is very challenging, when rates are low, your solution is to cut costs. Remote truck dispatch services are becoming a smart operations trend. Already hundreds of drivers along with their companies are using our dispatch service, take advantage of it too!



Still unsure if it’s worth partnering with us? Take a look at the reasons 

why you should choose us over other companies!

Data Management

We use an organized data management system so our clients can quickly find the information they need.

Flexibility to Scale

We have over 50 truck dispatchers to help your business upgrade or downgrade if desired anytime

24/7 Operations

We have over 50 dispatchers, allowing your business to scale up or down at any time.

Pay only for results

We operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, perfect for your night or after-hours shifts.

Dispatcher Managers

We work on a commission basis and payment depends on the results of our work, if there is no result, no payment is made.

Productive environment

We understand that a dispatcher’s productivity depends on a comfortable work environment and reliable technology.

Economy and profit

We can’t help but notice how much you’ll save by using our service, especially in the current market conditions.


Opportunity costs

We manage your dispatch service, giving you the opportunity and time to focus on the more important things in life


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