Active development of modern technologies had its influence on the sphere of cargo transportation. The work of transport companies is reaching a new level. Modern technologies make the process of freight management more efficient and convenient. How important are technologies in the transport system and how have they changed this industry now? We answer these questions in detail below.

New, modern technology

Smartphones, tablets, navigators, recorders. Many new devices have appeared in the work of the modern driver. They greatly simplify the process of communication with the dispatcher and other employees of the company. It has become much easier to track the route and control the speed of delivery. Paper maps are a thing of the past. Recorders record everything that happens on the road. In the case of an accident, the recording will clearly show who is at fault.

The latest truck models already have tablets on which work tasks are received, the route is painted, terms of delivery, unloading/loading of cargo. The information is downloaded and updated by the dispatcher. The driver only needs to follow instructions and recommendations precisely.

Innovative truck control technology

Many modern trucks have tools that simplify the management process. Specifically:

1. Adaptive cruise control. Maintains speed by slowing the vehicle down.

2. Automatic dipped beam. Turn on as soon as it gets dark or the car goes into a tunnel.

3. Automatic wiper blades. They switch on automatically when precipitation begins and visibility is reduced.

Autopilot is already being actively implemented in trucks. So far, this technology is not widespread, but it’s only a matter of time.

Mobile applications

There are a large number of different mobile apps that are already in use by transportation companies.

Fuelbook. Tracking gas stations with the lowest fuel prices.

Waze. Navigation software. Tracks in real time the situation on the roads: traffic jams, accidents, repair work, weight platforms, etc.

KeepTruckin. Application for connecting fleets with dispatchers and the company’s main office. Provides easy and quick communication with the driver.

Trucker Tools. Many useful tools for drivers.


Large transport companies are already actively introducing their own software. Special programs help to regulate the process of cargo delivery, to communicate between all employees of the company, to manage work tasks. Less paper reports and more electronic documents.

Innovative technologies are gradually changing the system of cargo transportation. And these changes are unequivocally for the better for everyone: those who carry the cargo and those who manage it. Surely in 10 years this industry will be even more automated.