The work of a trucking company is built on many important factors. In addition, it depends on the coordinated interaction of various employees. The work of the compliance team should be singled out separately. This is an important link in the work of the company, which takes on various tasks. The role of these employees and the importance of compliance will be discussed below.

What the compliance management team does

The main task is to ensure that all requirements are met for the safe transportation of cargo. A manager can be alone in a company if it is a medium-sized one. Larger companies assemble a team of managers to handle this task.

Among the key tasks for compliance managers are the following:

— Managing the operation of the transportation system.

— Checking driver’s licenses.

— Managing the working hours of drivers.

— Coordinating with the transportation manager.

— Auditing transportation decisions.

— Organizing and conducting training courses.

This is by no means a complete list of duties that a compliance manager can be assigned. The company may assign additional work tasks to the employee.

What skills a good compliance manager should have

— Proficiency in Tacho Law/WTD

— Communicating with a large number of colleagues and company employees.

— Multitasking, as it is not uncommon to have to deal with several situations at once.

— Knowledge of the current law.

Why is it important to assemble a team of good managers?

Firstly, their coordinated and effective work directly affects the functioning of the entire trucking business. At all its stages: from cargo selection, transport organization, driver selection to direct delivery to the desired location.

Secondly, the legality and legality of work depends on these employees. They regulate the company by protocols and licenses. And they also deal with the medical examination and drug testing of the staff. Certainly this indicates that they have a lot of responsibility.

What can lead to non-compliance with standards?

1. Penalties. This means additional expenses for the company. Fines can amount to several tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the violation.

2. Health hazards and injuries. Of course, these are quite rare consequences that can arise from ignoring safety rules. However, they do occur, and it can not be ignored.

3. The revocation of the license. Due to repeated violations, a ban on activities can be imposed.

4. Deterioration of reputation on the market. Cases of non-compliance with standards can become known to customers. They may question the company’s business practices and become seriously concerned about the safety of their cargo.

Trucking companies should definitely not disregard standards. Managers assist in their compliance. They help to organize the effective work of the company, enhance its reputation and position in the market of services.